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Microsoft Exchange to Office 365 – A Potentials App to Migrate Exchange Mailboxes to Office 365

Ensure a smooth and risk free Microsoft Exchange to Office 365 transition to Office 365 cloud environment. Utilize an expert application from a leading on-premise to cloud migration specialists. Along with migration, they are also deals with recovery, e-discovery and data forensics but the article is about a potential app that migrate Exchange mailboxes to Office 365. The product ensures smooth migration from on-premises Exchange server to Microsoft Office 365 cloud platform also from any edition of Exchange to any Office 365 license subscription.

The product guarantees the best transition, securely stored data in Office 365, easy access to data and above all regular support for migration. It is Windows based platform that entirely supports with all Exchange edition including 2013, 2010 and later.

Entirely New Methodology for Exchange migration in Office 365

Make migration easier than it looks via commendable approach that requires no efforts and control entire migration process. The product is 100% reliable and secure application for faster migration that ensures there will be no delay or any downtime or loss during and after the migration.

Office 365 Migration- Exchange to Office 365 Migration Expert’s

The product reads all mailboxes entries under Active directory of Exchange server domain, it itself preview all details of selected user, move data with full accuracy and speed, maintain or keeps all internal information like to, bcc, from etc.

Why it is best for Exchange to Office 365 Migration?

The migration techniques that was used earlier (hybrid, staged, cutover) are complex ensures no guarantee and also there are chances of data loss with such manual migration approaches. Thus it is better to use automatic application rather than a hectic coded approach.

Beneficial Features and Facility of the Tool


  • Migrate Single, Multiple or All Elements: transfer single, multiple or all elements from the mailboxes all at once or only the selected once.


  • Maintains Folder Hierarchy: move folder from Exchange to Office 365 with original folder hierarchy. The software keeps all folders in the original format as it was stored earlier.
  • Apply Special Filters: the offered filters of the software makes the migration process more accurate for the use as by applying this user will only move the relevant data to office 365.

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